Red Gerard

In 2018, Red Gerard stood on the top of the podium in PyeongChang, the youngest person ever to earn gold in an Olympic snowboard event. His slopestyle win that day may have made him a household name, but it only confirmed what the rest of snowboarding already knew: Redmond Gerard is one of the best riders out there. You see, Red’s been on the scene since he was in elementary school. As a grom, if he wasn’t lapping his DIY backyard park, he was regularly dropping into the sizeable jumps of Summit County, notching invites to Superpark and The Launch. From the start, Red’s outsized ability to send was only matched by his humble and genuine demeanor. Always easy-going, always stoked. And he’s still like that today. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Red learned to snowboard age 2, but it was when his family moved to Colorado that his talent really exploded. By high school, Red was a regular on the contest circuit, though he’s never been one for stock runs; Red’s style overflows no matter what and where he’s riding. And then of course, Olympic gold. But Red isn’t defined by his abilities in competition and in 2020 he once again raised the bar, spending the season in the backcountry and bringing his effortless aesthetic to natural terrain and powder landings. The result was standout footage in Joy, a snowboard film that won Movie of the Year. Last season, Red followed that up with seriously smooth shots in Burton’s One World. His riding is fast, flawless, and loaded with energy. And now, as the newest member of the Quiksilver team, he’s here to take his high-altitude aspirations to new peaks—and we can’t wait to watch.